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nail technician

Responsibilities include:

· ‪Provide high-quality manicures and pedicures, including removing old nail polish from fingernails and toenails, cleaning nails, shaping the ends of nails, pushing back cuticles, and applying new polish based on clients requirements
· ‪Gel nails and extensions
· ‪Evaluating the condition of nails and advising on proper nail care and suitable nail care treatments.‬
· ‪Sanitizing all nail instruments and equipment before each use
· ‪Ensuring that workstations are kept clean and orderly
· ‪Providing quality hand and foot massages
·  Strong knowledge of product ranges in the salon
· Ability to sell retail products and add on services to customers

All candidates must have a minimum of:

  • 2 years work experience
  • Hold a cancelled or Tourist Visa