Schwarzkopf Professional BC Q10 Rejuvenating-Serum 30ml


The Bonacure Q10 + serum ensures that the tight scalp is calmed and that the renewal process is improved. This serum has been specially developed for aged hair and a tight scalp. This Q10 + serum stabilizes the keratin production for hair growth. The nutrifiller fills the structural holes thereby restoring the strength of the hair.

Q10 + Complex
The Q10 + line from Schwarzkopf Bonacura is a special line for aged hair. This line has been developed with nutrifiller technology, this ensures that the visible signs of aging are removed. And it stimulates the natural keratin production of the hair.

The renewed Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure

Schwarzkopf Professional has developed a new line, the Schwarzkopf Bonacura line. With 120 years of experience in nursing technologies, they have come up with a new line to take care of and radiate your hair at home.


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